Conditions of Care for Hired Items

Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our customers at the lowest prices every time. This means we expect our customers to consider the following points when hired items are in their care:


  • Do not to stick, staple or otherwise fix any decorative items or promotional material that will stain, leave residue or perforate a marquee roof, wall or silk lining. Decorations such as dyed streamers, confetti etc. will leave a stain if it gets wet.
  • Do not place light bulbs or other heat generating items against a marquee wall, roof or silk lining as this may cause burn/scorch marks which cannot be removed. Heater, gas or electric, are to be kept at a safe distance from the marquee roof, walls or silk linings to ensure no heat damage or fire occurs.
  • Any items that have been fixed to the frame or lining of the marquee, by the hirer, are to be removed prior to the supplier arriving to pack down.
  • Do not place any items on top of roof linings or against the walls.


  • Be careful not to place any dyed products, candles or other product directly onto the linen cloths or serviettes that may cause possible staining. If needed place something underneath to prevent staining.
  • Shake off linen cloths and serviettes prior to placing back in bag. Do not attempt to soak or launder the linen.
  • Do not place linen that is wet or damp into a bag. Allow to dry beforehand otherwise mould may form which cannot be dry-cleaned.
  • Linen that is stained and cannot be cleaned will become the property of the hirer and will be charged to the hirer at replacement value.

Glassware / Crockery / Utensils

  • All glasses, crockery and utensils are to be rinsed and placed back in their packaging before returning or pick up by the supplier.
  • Keep stored items in a clean, dry area.

Tables / Chairs

  • Tables and chairs are not to be used other than for their intended reasonable purpose. Excessive weight is to be avoided.
  • Do not place excessively hot items on the tables or chairs so as to avoid burn/scorch marks.
  • Any objects fixed to a table or chair, by the hirer, is to be removed prior to return by the hirer or pick up by the supplier.

Jumping Castles / Water Slide

  • Jumping Castles / Water Slide are to be set up on the ground. The hirer is to check the ground beforehand to ensure no objects are present that may cause a tear or puncture to the item.
  • Prior to pack up ensure any loose material such as lolly wrappers/sticks, clothing and such are removed.
  • Ensure the item is set up and packed up as per the instruction sheet.

All Other Items

  • It is assumed by the supplier that the hirer is competent in the proper set up and use of any item hired. Instruction sheets are available upon request.
  • Care is to be taken when using items that use electricity or gas. Improper use can lead to death, serious injury or damage of items.

Additional Notes

  • This document is to be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions and any item instruction sheet.
  • Self-erected items means the hirer is also responsible to pack up as well.
  • Where items are picked up by the supplier, the hirer is to ensure all items are placed in a position similar to where the items were delivered.
  • All items, except linen as indicated above, are to be cleaned after use.
  • All care is taken to supply the item requested and the number thereof. It is recommended that the hirer or delegated third party check the Packing Slip when picking up or receiving the delivered items. If there is any discrepancy between the Packing Slip and the items supplied the hirer is to notify the supplier immediately.
  • Items that are broken, missing, damaged or stained because of misuse, carelessness or accident will be charged to the hirer at replacement value.
  • The hirer to whom the items are invoiced is responsible to ensure all matters expressed in the Terms and Conditions, Care of Hired Items sheet and Instruction Sheets are followed. Items that are picked up by a third party does not void the hirer of their responsibility.
  • Failure to adhere to any instruction given herein or in the Terms and Conditions or Instruction Sheets and results in damage, loss or excessive uncleanliness of an item will result in addition fees being charged to the hirer to replace, repair or clean hired items.