Popcorn Cart


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  • High Quality Stainless Steel Non-Stick Kettle, Heats up quickly and disperses heat evenly to maximize the amount of kernels popped. Equipped with a free-moving lid assembly so that popped corn can easily exit the kettle on its own. The Stainless Steel Kettle also allows for easy cleanup.
  • Built-in Stirring System integrated with Kettle.
  • 3 Control Switches: 1st Switch Controls Kettle Stirrer, 2nd Switch Controls Spot Light / Deck Warmer, 3rd Switch Controls Kettle Heater.
  • Heated Warming Light / Deck, ;Keeps the interior of the machine at a nice warm constant temperature that allows for Popcorn to stay fresh.
  • Unpopped Kernel / “Old Maid” Drawer, Stainless Steel cut-outs in the deck of the unit allow for easy removal of un-popped kernels. Simply remove the tray to remove the kernels and small debris.
  • Tempered Thick Glass Front Panels, Allows for maximum visibility and is a great experience for the whole family. Who can resist Hot, Buttery, Fresh Popcorn?
  • Quiet Efficient Motor, ;Allows for quieter operation and lower power draw than competing models.
  • With brake-able ;Wheeled Cart, Easy to moving around
  • Handy Storage compartment keeps supplies and materials all together

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Dimensions 63 × 101 × 154 cm